Renew your YMCA Alumni membership

Renewing your 2023 membership is easy. Click on the button below for the chart showing the amount of your TOTAL membership dues as well as type of membership (single or household).

Joining more than one chapter in addition to your home chapter? Just indicate that chapter’s name on the renewal form. There is no additional fee. 

Please fill out the membership form COMPLETELY. A secure credit card form will pop up when you add in dollar amounts. Add credit card information and be sure and hit the "submit" button. You will receive confirmation automatically. All major credit cards are accepted. (Note: Members 90 and older no longer pay dues.)

You also may print out the renewal form by clicking the black button below. Then, add your check made out to YMCA Alumni and mail it to Cindy Koenig, Assistant Treasurer, P.O. Box 725, West Chester, OH 45071. Credit cards may only be used via the online renewal form. Having trouble scrolling down on the form? Just place your cursor outside the app
on to the background and scroll down.