YMCA Alumni
National Service Project

...in partnership with the
YMCA of the Seven Council Fires

The largest endeavor in the 100-year history of YMCA Alumni continues on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota.

YMCA Alumni partners with the YMCA of the Seven Council Fires for National Service Project

YMCA Alumni members have raised more than $850,000 and several hundreds of volunteers traveled to Dupree, S.D., home of the YMCA of the Seven Council Fires to ready the land, build the foundations and continue building a YMCA Tiny Home Village of four homes on the property of the Y's small headquarters. The goal is to help alleviate some of the housing deficit on the reservation.

The volunteers, in addition, plan to build at least two "twigs" -- small Y branches in outlying communities on the vast reservation. Click the button below to visit the Case for Support website of the National Service Project for complete details. and to volunteer and/or donate. (Photos by Randi Sidman Moore)

The chapter service project 'gold standard'

The New England YMCA Alumni Chapter has been building homes for poor citizens in the humble village of Don Gregorio in the Dominican Republic each May for more than a decade. Click the button below to email Lou Falk For information and to volunteer.

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