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Click on the screenshot above and be taken via magic carpet to our Official YMCA Alumni Travel Club Information Center. Then, start packing.



The YMCA Alumni Travel Club invites you to join us on 2020 and 2021 adventures. The Travel Club is designed to provide members the opportunity to have travel experiences with past YMCA colleagues, family and friends at a reasonable cost. All YMCA Alumni members are automatically members of the YMCA Alumni Travel Club.

Why book now when travel is uncertain during the current coronavirus outbreak? Because travel experts agree there will be a huge pent-up desire to travel and spots on popular destination cruises and tours will be hard to come by. Go Travel, our YMCA Alumni travel consultants, are monitoring all refund policies, special offers and travel conditions. You can book with confidence and be sure of 

traveling with friends soon.

YMCA Alumni thanks the YMCA Retirement Fund for their continued support.

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