'Let the good times roll...'  Nov. 2-4, 2022

Now is the time to make plans to join us at YMCA Alumni Reunion ’22  in New Orleans, Louisiana Nov. 2-4, 2022.

Reunion registration and hotel booking is open. Register separately for each. 

Make the decision to be with us in November when the weather is still comfortable in America's most unique and exciting city. Connect again…

...and all that jazz.

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Embassy Suites Hotel

The Embassy Suites New Orleans is our Reunion Hotel. It is conveniently located on Julia St., near the National WWII museum and the French Quarter, with every room a suite. Per night rate: $179. You can come early and stay late at the same rate. Hotel reservation link is included on the reunion registration form.

Watch our short video above.
Reunion news...

Come with us to New Orleans

Opening night at Mulate's

We open our reunion  Wednesday evening with a very special dinner at the famed Mulate's, New Orleans original Cajun restaurant. N'Awlins food, music and good times.

A tour of the city & Mardi Gras World

Included in our reunion is a comfortable motor coach tour of this historical, fascinating southern city. Along the way we'll visit Mardi Gras World where the colorful floats are built.

Dinner with friends

Our nights in The Big Easy begin with "Dinner with friends." Choose from five of the city's iconic restaurants and enjoy these special nights of fun and great food. Be an early bird to register and win a $100 dining award.

Free time for your choice of attractions

We've left free time for you to pre-book special tours such as visits to the National World War II museum, those eerie cemetery tours or an evening jazz tour, Saturday brunch at Brennan's and more. Booking starting in September.

Music, music, music

From jazz to blues to creole to rock to country. It's all here. We'll be able to guide you from Bourbon St. to Frenchman. 

Music is what made New Orleans famous and there's nowhere like it.

Coordinate travel

It's easy to handle all your travel needs for the Reunion. Let GoTravel take care of all your booking needs: air, post reunion cruise and anything else you may want. Ask when you register. Looking for a roommate? Note it on the form.

Reunion '22 schedule

There's plenty of time on the Reunion '22 schedule to enjoy everything The Big Easy has to offer. This is the place and time to re-connect with old and new friends. Click the button below for the details.

Clock at the Museum Casa de la Moneda