YMCA Alumni thanks the YMCA Retirement Fund for their continued support.

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We Remember...

December 2019

Ruth Annis

Thomas Browne

Louis Carter Jr

Jean Cavanagh

Bobby Cline

Robert Cole

Patricia Couts

Steven Eberhardt

Nancy English

Shirley Fennoy

Clayoma Gilliland

Lyle Huls

Carl Hunt

Sharee Hurtgen

Marjorie Kraskouskas

Herbert Merkert

Joe Miles

Thomas Nitzkowski

William Pecci

Jo Sharpe

John Stephens

Jean Studemeyer

Louise Trowbridge

Benjamin Uyesato

Clarence Vanderzell

Clara White

Margery Williams

Robert Williams

Norman Wright

 We are saddened to report the passing of our colleagues. Each and every one will be missed. The names were provided to YMCA Alumni by the YMCA Retirement Fund. Please send an email to

Jean Carmichael should you wish to contact the surviving spouse or family members to express your personal condolences. She will provide you with the contact information for a YMCA Alumni member.