YMCA Alumni thanks the YMCA Retirement Fund for their continued support.

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We Remember...

February 2020

Luther Anderson

Marianne Anderson

Delores Berkness

Rita Bernhard

June Bostwick

James Brouse

Hagan Guthrie

Ruth Henderson

Norma Hewett

Patsy Hughes

Paul Hultberg

Merle Hunt

Elizabeth Johnson

Edgar Junk

Douglas Keith

Deloris Lockey

Vivian Magee

Judith McGinnis

Sandra Mitomi

Ronald Newkirk

Sondra Pazicni

Patrick Piccolo

Donald Rea

Joan Reidy

Maxine Riggins

William Riggs

John Saulnier

William, Sprouse

Linda Stevens

Helen Van Cleve

Marvin Van Metre

Dolores Watkins

Virginia Wendel

Rosemary Zowada

 We are saddened to report the passing of our colleagues. Each and every one will be missed. The names were provided to YMCA Alumni by the YMCA Retirement Fund. Please send an email to

Jean Carmichael should you wish to contact the surviving spouse or family members to express your personal condolences. She will provide you with the contact information for a YMCA Alumni member.