We Remember...

August 2020

Janet Ballard

Charles Brown

Elizabeth D'Avi

Debra De Wolfe

Steksin Diopulos

David Doyle

Mary Ferreira

Richard Francis

Ruth Gallinot

James Gallo

Lorenzo Gonzalez

Lenley Hawksworth

Tekla Heminsley

Paul Kuromoto

Theresa Marmo

Miriam Neumaier

Norma Orth

Theresa Potts

Lorraine Serwan

Sally Smith

David Sprague

Vera Stephens

Forrest Thomasson

Sallie Tyler

Fred Wetzel

Rosmarie Willcox


 We are saddened to report the passing of our colleagues. Each and every one will be missed. The names were provided to YMCA Alumni by the YMCA Retirement Fund. Please send an email to

Jean Carmichael should you wish to contact the surviving spouse or family members to express your personal condolences. She will provide you with the contact information for a YMCA Alumni member. 

YMCA Alumni thanks the YMCA Retirement Fund for their continued support.

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