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East Vice President: Lou Falk

Central Atlantic Chapter 


Barb and Ron Taylor

Newsletter Editors:

Barb Taylor


McBurney-Morse Chapter


Ralph Christian and

Bonnie Mairs


Newsletter Editor: 

Bonnie Mairs


New England Alumni Chapter

President: Lou Falk

Newsletter Editor: Doug Lisk


Weatherford Chapter


Bill and Teri Hooson


Newsletter Editor:

Nancy Reece


C. B. Willis Chapter


Tony and Patty Borton


Newsletter Editor: 

Phil Wortman


Central Vice President: 

Laura Slane

Chambers Chapter

President: Dick Fullmer


Co-Newsletter Editors: 

Mike and Jackie Frith

Greater Ozark Chapter

President: Bruce Wands

Newsletter Editor: 

Mary Ching


Hoosier-Buell Chapter


Dan Sager

Terry Jones

Newsletter Editor: 

Dan Sager


Messer-Brandenburg Chapter

President: Dennis Handrow


Newsletter Editor: Bob Klein

John R. Mott Chapter

President: Jo Bagelmann

Newsletter Editor:

Connie Zimmerman

Upper Midwest Chapter

President: Don Kerr


Newsletter Editor: Vacant


Vice President: John Green

Allen Stone Chapter

Presidents: Gary Huff

Newsletter Editor: 

Jane Rosi-Pattison


Grand Canyon Chapter


Marian and Dave Bolton


Newsletter Editor: 

Bill and Charlotte Moss


Lyon Chapter

President: Paul Andresen


Newsletter Editor: 

Bob Warnock


Marston Chapter

President: Sam Wurtzbacher


Newsletter Editor: 

Judy Wurtzbacher


McCoy Chapter

President: Fred Stickney


Newsletter Editor: Pam Sheble


Schreiner Chapter

President: Jean Carmichael


Newsletter Editor: Kathleen Owen

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